The Ice cream, history, preparation and its condiments to seasoning
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The Ice cream, history, preparation and its condiments to seasoning

" Peru has the richest variety of climates from Andean summits to the Amazonian forest, thanks to this we counted on the best tropical fruits and medicinal plants, with a high value of nutrition, in proteins, the vitamins and the minerals have taste of calcium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium, everything natural."
The ice creams can make a meeting nonsingle refreshing, but also amused. Everything is question to think about the best supports and to try prescriptions of recognized chef that we offer to him here.
They cannot lack in this season, nutritional, appetizing and refreshing, this cold mixture of varied ingredients that today are enjoyed in all the globe arose in distant China.
There the ice in the processing of candies when mixing was used for the first time snow with honey and juices of wild fruits.

Also the Romans developed a special taste by products with ice. Nerón emperor even sent to look for snow the Alps so that they prepared a drink with crushed fruits and honey to him. The whim was not another thing that a delicious ice cream.

Nowadays, thanks to the diverse techniques of processing and their nutritious composition, the ice creams adapt to all the tastes, because there is a great variety of flavors, colors, textures and ingredients.
In case outside little, they cover the special necessities with the diabetics and those who follow a low diet in calories.
Little caloric value
The quality of an ice cream is determined by its ingredients and their nutritious value.

According to studies in nourishing industry, its cholesterol contribution is not elevated. Also there are ice creams done of water and not of milk. In addition the ice creams have proteins, vitamins and minerals like calcium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium " But its caloric value is not excessive, since an individual ration contributes between 200 and 250 calories, which is not detrimental "
In order to appease the heat

Of ice, of cream or frozen cream ( Ice cream ), desserts (cakes and pies)y the special ones, (processed with edulcorantes that are not caloric or with fruitful, so that they can be consumed by the diabetics, low in calories and the exentos of fats).

If it today buys them with the intention to conserve them in the freezer, is necessary that it just does it before returning to house and, of being possible, that it maintains them in special an insulating stock market for congealed foods.
Thus it avoided that they melt and that they lose the original flavor.

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